The Toyota Landcruiser Bundera: A Short-Wheelbase Australian Icon (1980-1991)

The Toyota LandCruiser. A name that suggests tackling challenging terrain and venturing into nature. Yet, a less familiar segment within this renowned range is the Toyota LandCruiser Bundera, a compact model tailored for the Australian market during 1980-1991.

A Landcruiser First: Coil Springs in Australia

The Bundera differed from its Landcruiser 70 Series siblings in a key aspect: its suspension. It was the first Toyota 4WD in Australia to utilize coil springs, a technology that would later become a mainstay in the Landcruiser 80 Series. This innovation offered a potentially smoother ride on varied terrain compared to the traditional leaf spring setup.

Distinct Bundera Looks

While sharing the 70 Series platform, the Bundera possessed a distinct visual identity. Its front-end boasted a wider grille with integrated indicators, setting it apart from the classic Landcruiser look. Power came from a drivetrain shared with the contemporary HiLux, offering engine options and differentials familiar to Toyota loyalists.

A Rare Find for Collectors and Off-Road Enthusiasts

The Bundera's limited production run and niche market focus have transformed it into a rare sight on Australian roads. This scarcity has undoubtedly fueled its appeal among collectors and off-road enthusiasts. Its unique combination of genuine Toyota heritage, a distinctive design, and proven off-road capability make it a compelling option for those seeking a special 4WD experience.

A Collectible Piece of Toyota History

The value of a specific Bundera can fluctuate based on factors like model year, condition, and originality. However, its limited production and unique features undeniably contribute to its collectability.

The Toyota Landcruiser Bundera might not be as widely recognized as its counterparts, but its contribution to Australian automotive history remains significant. It pioneered the use of coil springs in Toyota 4WDs Down Under and offered a distinctive package for off-road adventurers. While its production ended, the Bundera's legacy lives on, a testament to Toyota's spirit of innovation and unwavering commitment to off-road excellence.

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