How to Adjust Your 79 Series Landcruiser Handbrake

The Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series is a legend, a true workhorse that tackles any terrain. But even a legend needs a little TLC sometimes, and that includes keeping your handbrake in top shape. Here's a guide to help you adjust the handbrake on your 79 Series with factory disc brake rear assemblies:

Tools You'll Need:

  • 10mm wrench
  • Flathead screwdriver


Loosen the Cable:

Hop inside your LandCruiser and locate the handbrake lever. Look for a 10mm nut with a locking nut attached to the cable. Use your wrenches to loosen both nuts, allowing some slack in the cable.

Free Up the Stoppers:

Head to the rear wheels. You'll find rubber stoppers positioned near the back of the brake backing plates. These stoppers limit the handbrake lever's travel. Use your fingers or a flathead screwdriver to push them back, creating more room for lever movement

Adjust the Drum Handbrake:

Now comes the key part: adjusting the drum handbrake itself. You want the brake shoes to be almost touching the drum surface, but not quite. Over-adjustment can cause unpleasant shudders when you're driving at speed. There are adjusters on the drum handbrake, typically accessed through a small hole in the disc. Consult your LandCruiser's manual for the exact location and adjustment method.

Reset the Stoppers:

With the drum handbrake dialed in, carefully reposition the rubber stoppers. Ideally, they should be about 1-2 millimeters away from the backing plate surface. This ensures the lever has enough travel to engage the handbrake effectively.

Fine-Tune the Cable:

Get back inside your LandCruiser and tighten the cable nuts at the handbrake lever. You want to remove any slack without making the lever stiff. A few clicks when you pull the lever is a good indication of proper adjustment.

Important Note:

Adjusting your handbrake requires a certain level of mechanical aptitude. If these steps seem unclear, don't hesitate to seek help from a qualified mechanic. They can ensure your handbrake is adjusted correctly and functioning safely.

Bonus Tip:

For even better handbrake performance, consider upgrading to aftermarket "dogbone" brackets. These brackets firm up the handbrake assembly and are readily available from reputable 4WD accessory companies and view our range for more 79 Series Aftermarket Parts.

By following these steps and considering the additional tip, you can ensure your 79 Series Landcruiser's handbrake is ready to hold you steady on any adventure. Remember, a properly adjusted handbrake is crucial for safe driving, so don't hesitate to tackle this task or seek professional help if needed.

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